Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another thing to blame on Chavez 

As if it weren't bad enough that Chavez has auto sales setting all time records in Venezuela and cluttering up city streets, now we have this:

Puerto La Cruz - Luis Manuel Delgado dreamed of waking up and getting a pickup truck with 0 miles. After a lot of work and effort he saved up the money to buy one. But, he didn't count on another obstacle: the lack of vehicles in auto dealerships.

In a survery that El Tiempo did in differnt auto dealerships in the north of Anzoategui we confirmed that the demand for cars exceeds the number available for sale by about 55%.

The general manager of Chrysler, located on the Intercomunal de Lecheria Avenue, said that he has about 18 vehicles available monthly for sale when he needs 40 to cover demand.

"Production isn't sufficient, all the models run out quickly."

Similiar comments were made by Bibiana Soria, manager of the Volkswagen dealership, located in the Crucero de Lecheria. He stated that he gets about 60 purchase requests per month but only has about 40 vehicles.

Fiat manager, Avila, said that he recieves about 70 inquiries per day but has a waiting list of a month to purchase a car.

Paula Gomez, a public accountant, said that he has wanted to buy a car for the last month but all dealerships she has gone to have said they don't have any.

"I went to Ford and there isn't any model available and the waiting lists are enourmas."

Imagine the horror. Thanks to this bastard Chavez having the economy humming your average escualido can have to wait for months just to buy a new car!! If that doesnt' revitalize the opposition and get people back out in the streets I don't know what will.


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