Wednesday, March 22, 2006

He sure has that right 

Some like to criticize Chavez's blunt language and his not being diplomatic. I'm not so sure I would agree with those criticisms. For example, lets look at what he said recently as reported by the Miami Herald:

Chavez says U.S. already has lost in Iraq
Associated Press

CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday that U.S. troops have been routed by a strong resistance movement in Iraq, but haven't pulled out because officials in Washington won't acknowledge defeat.

The United States would also suffer a tremendous military defeat if the Bush administration decided to invade Iran, Chavez told a group of foreign diplomats and government supporters at the Miraflores Presidential Palace.

"The U.S. empire is defeated in Iraq, they just don't want to admit it," Chavez said to rousing applause.

Using a Venezuelan slur to refer to President Bush, Chavez added: "Mr. Donkey thought they were going to be received as heroes."

"God forbid they dare to attack Iran," he said. "We want peace, but they would eat twice as much of the dust of defeat there, I'm absolutely sure of that."

Earlier Tuesday, Chavez defended Iran's nuclear program, accusing the Bush administration of falsely accusing Iran of trying to build an atomic bomb as a pretext for seizing control of the Middle Eastern nation's vast petroleum reserves.

"You know that one of the most serious problems the world has today is the energy problem, so much so that the North American empire has invaded Iraq just to look for oil and now threatens Iran because of oil," Chavez said in a nationally televised speech, referring to the United States. "It's an excuse by the empire, looking for energy."

Lets see, the U.S. has already lost in Iraq? Yep, it is looking that way.

They just don't want to admit it? Yeah, the US does have a recurring problem admitting when it has pissed away thousands of lives and billions of dollars for nothing.

The U.S. thought it was going to be recieved with roses in Iraq? Yep, Cheney sure did think that.

And Iraq is largely about oil? Well not only have we been over that topic numerous times on this blog but I don't think its lost on many people that the U.S. seems much more obsessed with countries that have oil reserves than, say, countries like North Korea, that don't.

So is Chavez somehow inpertinent or inappropriate here? Not at all. I think he is just being a straigh shooter. Too bad the U.S. has few such politicians.


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