Wednesday, March 15, 2006

If he keeps this up... 

If Saddam keeps giving saying things like this one wonders how long it will be before he turns up dead in his cell just like has been happening in the Hague recently:

"Let the people unite and resist the invaders and their backers. Don't fight among yourselves," he said, praising the insurgency. "In your resistance to the invasion by the Americans and Zionists and their allies, you were great. You were great in my eyes and you remain so. ... It's only a matter of time until the sun rises and you'll be victorious"

Apparently the judge through the media out so they couldn't hear the rest of Saddams speach where he defended himself against charges of mass murder. None of what he later said could be released to the public, not even by his own attorneys.

I guess we have to add real courts and real trials to WMD and a free press on the list of things not to be found in Iraq.


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