Sunday, March 05, 2006

A marked man 

Chavez has often made note of the fact that his life is in jeapordy as he has many powerful, and sometimes unbalanced, enemies both inside and outside of Venezuela. The opposition often ridicules these comments saying they are the product of Chavez's over active imagination. Sure, Pat Robertson advocated Chavez's assasination, but he is just a kook too, says the opposition. Yet none other than Foreign Policy magazine lists Chavez as one of seven figures world wide who are "Marked Men". They even give details of how he would likely be killed and what the repurcussions would be:

President Hugo Chávez, (Venezuela)

Why? Chávez’s long list of enemies includes the Bush administration, many Latin American leaders, and televangelist Pat Robertson. They loathe Chávez for embracing such groups as Colombia’s FARC rebels and his gratuitous anti-Americanism.

Who? Rogue factions of the military, which Chávez purged in 2002. Or a member of the former regime (some of whom now reside in Miami). In any case, the United States would be blamed.

How? An assassin at a public rally, or a behind-closed-doors shooting by a military official.

Then what? A loyal member of the “Chavismo” movement would likely rise to claim the mantle.

Worst case: The assassination empowers the radical wing of the Chávez movement. Venezuela’s considerable oil production sputters to a halt, either from chaos or a deliberate shutdown from Chavismo members convinced the United States is behind the assassination (or who declare U.S. involvement out of political expediency.)

So while the opposition self servingly says Chavez's assisination worries are all non-sense even the gringo Foreign Policy establishment notes Chavez is one of the those most "at risk" of assasination.


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