Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rice Flexes Muscle - Protects Terrorists 

An interesting dichotomy is taking place between the US State Department and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency in the case of two fugitive Venezuelan National Guards being held in US custody for acts of terrorism against the Venezuelan Government.

The issue centers on claims by the US State Department in hearign claims of torture against another fugitive, and supposed mastermind of the bombings of the Spanish Emabassy and Colombian consulate,Felipe Rodriguez. Rodriguez who was held in Venezuelan custody shortly before he fled to Miami and sought asylum, never raised concerns of torture by the Venezuelan custody - That is until the case of his cohorts/lackeys came to light, when they sought asylum themselves for the deed. José Antonio Colina and Germán Rodolfo Varela are both accused of carrying out the bombings on the foreing embassies. The sticky point in this juxtaposition is the fact that attorneys representing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency are making the case to deport the two back to Venezuela where they will stand trial for thier actions. Given such a predicament the newly considered and recently tested , label of torutre as it pertains to violations of human rights, is becoming a precedent by which the US can show probable cause, albeit very questionable, to deny extradition while keeping the accused custody.

The use of labels is not a newly found method by which a desired goal is denied and/or achieved. One need only to look at how the terminology of the label "communist" is substituted in the psyche of the average consumer of US fear mongering to understand its similarities to the term "terrorist". Not unlike these terms, is the use of the label of "torture" as has been amply explained by various US government agencies in negation of claims made unto itslef over the treatment of detainees on the war on "terror". The use of such terms under current day conditions has been diluted to extend to a number of meanings that best suit those doing the judgement. The Geneva Convention sought by its implementation and adoption to rectify the problem of identfying conditions that meet the general criteria for the appropriate use of the word torture. The actions by the US government in seeming violation of the such, and with no penalty for the violation thereof, accomplishes the goal of negating the accepted definition, made worse by the advertisement of a moral conduct which should, in theory, be emulated and diffused by way of globalization. Torture from now on is open to interpretation and or precedent set.

The US State Department, as a political arm of the government, clearly shows the resolve of the Bush administration to be partial to generalized conceptions of vague terminolgy as it best suits thier needs. Inthe case of the two detaines held; there is no doubt those in question for the bombings are guilty. The claims of torture fall short. They fall short of Internaitonal conventions, and they fall short of the standards practiced by the accusors.

Many Kudos to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency for doing thier job. Lets wait and see how Condi'jemima cuts thier balls.


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