Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Would someone please tell these people to f&$* off. 

Recently in the comments section of the blog there has been some discussion around the inability of the Venezuelan opposition to take responsibility for its own actions. In thinking more about this I think I know what their problem is - their choice of role models. Who after all is more of a role model for the opposition than the U.S. government? And who is pretty darn bad themselves at taking responsibility for their own actions? None other than the U.S. government.

Today we have a perfect case and point of this - the U.S. government is going around and issueing report cards to other countries on their supposed short comings in the "war on drugs". Needless to say the U.S. had critical remarks regarding Venezuela. However, I won't even dignify them by reviewing them here. Because to do so obscures the larger point which is why is the U.S.'s addiction to drugs somehow everyone elses problem?

In this "certification" process the U.S. issues a laundry list of complaints about how others aren't controlling their borders, or are having drugs cultivated on their lands, or have had drug gangs corrupt their law enforcement agencies. And, according to the U.S. governments logic, it is these failings by others that create the U.S.'s drug problem. The fact that the U.S. has millions of pot heads and crack addicts and rich people snorting cocaine at exclusive parties presumeably isn't the problem. Nor is the fact that the U.S. can't even controll its own borders and stop drugs from coming into the country. Nope the U.S. isn't going to look itself in the mirror and say "we have met the enemy and he is us". After all, why should well to do white people have to fess up to their shortcomings when their are some many poor brown and black people that can be blamed for everything?

Quite frankly this whole U.S. drug policy is so disgusting, so hypocritical, so self-serving that someone really needs to tell them to go f*$& themselves. I mean really, how many more Mexican police officers, or Colombian politicians, or Brazilian soldiers should have to die just so people up north can keep living in denial about their own problems? But unfortunately most countries can't do that because then they'll lose US funding that they can ill afford to lose. Venezuela though, doesn't depend on U.S. funding. So maybe vice-President Rangel will do everyone a favor and tell the gringos where they can put their worthless certification reports.


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