Monday, April 10, 2006

Who needs the truth when you have an agenda to push? 

People who read the Washington Post probably already Jackson Diehl is no friend of Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. They will probably also know that he hasn't much use for the truth - for example he previously asserted that President Chavez made it a crime in Venezuela to insult the President which, of course, is a lie (the law he was referring to has been on Venezuela's books for at least 40 years).

Today he was at it again. In todays Op-Ed piece he was shedding tears over a couple Venezuelan opposition supporters who currently find themselves in hot water. First we have Maria Corina Machado who on April 11, 2002 apparently could think of nothing else to do but go visit a family friend smack dab in the middle of presidential palace while the government was being overthrown. At least that was the excuse she gave in her interview with Juan Forero of the New York Times. Sounds fishy to me, but hey, I'm a Chavista not a judge.

The Mr. Diehl gets all sentimental over an opposition politician named Henrique Radonski. Many of us who watched the film of the events outside the Cuban Embassy on April 12, 2002 could swear we saw a mob assualt the embassy, destroy its property, rip out its phone and electricity cables and cut off its water vowing to starve out those holed up in side with Mr. Radonski doing nothing, if not egging them on. Now he swears he went there to disperse the crowd and help protect the embassy. Thats sort of funny given that if he wanted to disperse the mob coulnd't he have sent in the police of Chacao given that he is in charge of them as the mayor of that municipality. Yet he didn't. Oh, yes, I forgot. The police were otherwise busy hunting down pro-Chavez legislators, mayors, and government officials.

Anyways, Mr. Diehl is certainly free to befriend whomever he pleases, no matter how unsavory they may be. Buts its what came next that shows how utterly dishonest he is. I quote:

Contrary to his own propaganda, Chavez has reason to worry. He has never enjoyed overwhelming support in Venezuela; his ratings have mostly fluctuated a few points above and below 50 percent. A tidal wave of corruption revelations, infrastructure failures and sensational crimes has dominated attention in Caracas in recent weeks. Chavez is rooting for the opposition boycott Capriles opposes; he recently said that if it occurs he will propose abolishing the constitutional limit on his tenure.

Of course, if he kept up with this blog he would know that Chavez’s approval rating is over 80% - more than “a few points” above 50%. But maybe he doesn’t trust me, after all I’m an avowed Chavista. No matter, he could have read these numbers from a hard core opposition blogger showing Chavez blowing away the opposition 55% to 26%. You can slice and dice it any way you want but Chavez has nothing to fear from the opposition as pretty much every poll in the land has him winning in a land slide.

But, hey, why should Mr. Diehl worry about the truth. He has to push his paymasters agenda and collect a check.


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