Friday, May 26, 2006

Are you better off now than you were 7 years ago? 

All Chavez has to do during his re-election campeign is keep asking that simple question and he wins, hands down. So say the new polling numbers out from Sejias.

First here are the actual numbers on people intending to vote for Chavez:

When aske who they would vote for, Chavez or an opposition candidate 65.6% said for Chavez versus 34% for an opposition candidate.

When asked to name WHO they would vote for 56/9% said for Chavez, 4.1% for Zulia governor Rosales, 3.3% for Tal Cual editor Petkoff.

There is nothing really new here in spite of the fact that Chavez's numbers appear to be going up (and that has the people over at ND in a lather). But here is the real find:

When asked how things in the country have gone over the past seven years people answered as follows:

They have improved, 62%; they have stayed the same, 15.5%; they have gotten worse, 20.6%

And when asked how their own families situation has changed they said:

It has improved, 46.9%; it has stayed the same, 36.1%; it was gotten worse, 16.8%

So Chavez has sky high poll numbers and the reason is clear - most Venezuelan's recognize that the country is better off after seven years of his rule and they personaly are better off. The opposition can keep blabbering on with all their excuses but the bottom line is they can't defeat an incumbent who has made peoples lives better.


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