Friday, June 30, 2006

Go figure 

The Venezuelan electoral authorities, the CNE, are busy laying down the ground rules for the December 3rd elections. One of the most anticipated decisions is what percentage of the paper voting receipts issued by the voting machines will be counted and compared to the computure tally. In the legislative elections of last year it was 47% of the machines that this was done for.

Now according to Ultimas Noticias the CNE has internally, not officially yet, decided to up that to 53%.

To me this is somewhat bizarre. First off, where in the world is the 53% number comging from? It seems very arbitrary. But more importantly, if you are already doing to count more than half of all the paper ballots why not just go the rest of the way and count them all? How much more work can it be? It seems silly to count 53% knowing that the opposition will still insist there must have been fraud amongst the 47% of the ballots not hand counted. Why not count them all and shut the opposition idiots up?

Sometimes the logic of a situation just escapes me.


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