Saturday, July 08, 2006

How #*$&! cynical can you get 

Damn, I think I see through a lot of the BS in this world. After all its not like I was born yesterday and I've seen a lot of the tricks and non-sense that the powers that be offer up. So I like to think not a lot surprises me.

But sometimes there is stuff that is just so godam fucking cynical (sorry for the language but right now I just can't help myself) it takes your breath away. When Fox came into office in Mexico he promised to bring to justice those who had oppressed and violated the human rights of Mexicans under the previous quasi dictatorship. Of course, that was just one more promise he never fullfilled. But given that there was an election to be won they had to do something. So they put under house arrest (or is that "mansion arrest") former president Echeverria who was behind the 1968 slaughter of protesting students. Of course, this all happened two days before the election. How coincidental.

Anyways, the cynicism doesn't end there. Given the election is over and so is the need for the charade today a judge cleared Echeverria of all charges on the grounds that the statute of limitations had passed. But of course, who could have known a week ago when they needed a pre-election stunt that the satute of limitations had expired?

For the past couple of weeks I have been reading all about how great the new and independent institutions of Mexico are now - not the least of which is the electoral authority, IFE. As this shows, what a crock. More and more I'm starting to think AMLO shouldn't give them a minute of piece until they count the ballots.


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