Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More evidence that Israel is targetting civilians 

From looking at the evolution of the fighting and the types of casualties on both sides we were able to clearly see that it was Israel, not Hezbollah, that was targeting and killing civilians.

Today more evidence emerged of Israel going after the Lebanese civilian population from, of all places, Human Rights Watch. What they obtained was first hand evidence of is that Israel is using cluster munitions to attack villages. Cluster munitions are bombs that explode in the air and release a large number of smaller bombs, scores or sometimes hundreds, that spread out over a larger area. So instead of there being one large explosion in one location there are hundreds of smaller hand grenade size explosions scattered over a large area. Where as conventional munitions are meant to destroy things like buildings or tanks these cluster munitions are meant to kill as many people as possible over a wide area.

Human Rights Watch recieved first hand and credible reports of these weapons being used against villages in southern Lebanon and killing civilians. They then took pictures of them on pallets waiting to be used in norther Israel:

The cluster munitions are the larger shells with the yellow markings on them - HRW had this verified by an Israeli military officer.

Back in the early 1980s when Israel first invaded Lebanon they used cluster bombs they drew a rebuke from the U.S. which temporarily restricted their sale to Israel - back then fresh off their black eye in Vietnam the U.S. still pretended to have some morality. Some nations have banned the use of these weapons but not the U.S. and Israel which use them extensively. Besides killing people indiscriminatly these weapons also fail to explode fairly often and stay behind only to explode later when picked up by people.

No humane society, nor one truly just fighting guerillas would fire these weapons on villages. Yet that is precisely what Israel is doing. Can there still be any contraversy about who are the true terrorists here?


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