Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Number 4 Metro line now in service. 

It was a few days late, but here it is:

The brand new number 4 line is now in full service. I have to say I love that paint job on the first car!! Maybe they should think about doing that on all the subway cars (8 stars and all!).

By the way, notice who is doing some symbolic driving there? Yes, none other than Chavez. I guess that would be a pretty clear sign its an election year, if you didn't already know. Believe it or not some opposition candidate are so stupid that they could do nothing better than have front page articles in the newspapers they run criticizing Chavez for personally inaugurating the new metro line. You would think they could find real issues to talk about, like crime, but I guess not. Their stupidy is simply astounding.

As I pointed out before this is only the first half of the number 4 line. It was announced today that the contract to build the second half has already been awarded. It will cost another $800 million dollars and will take about 5 years to complete.

And thinking of going down there and personally seeing all the new things being built. Think again. In Ultimas Noticias today the head of the National Federation of hotels pointed out that there are currently no vacancies to be found in hotels in many parts of the country and along virtually its entire coast. Hotel occupancy is up between 18% and 22% in the past year. He attributed this to vastly increased domestic tourism by Venezuelans. So if you are planning a trip to Venezuela and will need to stay in a hotel you better make your plans well in advance.


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