Monday, July 31, 2006

The U.S. financed slaughter of innocents continues 

Here are U.S. tax dollars hard at work financing Israeli terrorism:

The Israeli government claims it is "investigating" this "mistake". I won't hold my breath waiting for the investigation to say anything other than it's all Hezbollah's fault. And the Israeli 48 hour cessation of bombing apparently lasted a hot New York minute. Thats the thing about the American and Israeli governments - if you expect them to lie and go back on their word you'll never be dissapointed.

I would like to just make one additional observation right now on this madness. Israel claims this all began because Hezbollah crossed the Irsaeli border and killed some soldiers. Maybe that's true, maybe not. Thing is, Venezuela has had some of its soldiers killed by Colombian paramilitary forces that crossed into Venezuela. Yet I can't ever seem to recall Venezuela responding by bombing Bogata or Medellin. I guess it's like Chavez once famously said to the U.S. ambassador in Caracas - "Here we are different". Indeed. And thank god for that.


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