Sunday, August 13, 2006

Do the Venezuelan police suck or what 

As if it weren't bad enough that Venezuela's crime rate was going through the roof now we get yet more evidence of how inept the police are. Today Carlos Ortega, who was in jail for his role in various attempts to overthrow the government (he was a central player in both the coup and oil strike) managed to escape from prison along with a couple of jailed military officers. Of course, stuff like this is happens because it is easy to bribe people, particularly the police, and the opposition sure doesn't lack for money with which to bribe people.

But what is particularly distressing is the inability of the Venezuelan authorities to catch this guy. It's well known where he likes to hand out, bingo parlors. That is where they caught him the last time he was a fugitive. So what exactly is the problem? Are there so many bingo parlors they haven't had the chance to search them all yet?

The caption reads: Mr Bush, this is Carlos Ortega from the resistance, struggling against the regime.... I need more dollars!

Here is Ortega in what for him were happier times:

When he could pretend he was biting the head off of the "murder", Chavez. I wonder if you could get away with carrying a sign like that in the U.S.. I doubt it. The Venezuelan opposition is lucky it lives in such a free country.


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