Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Inhuman "doctors" 

Long time Oil Wars readers should vividly recall the horrific incident last year where several patients in a public hospital died unnecessarily. Their deaths were shocking because they needlessly died while their Venezuelan "doctors" stood by with arms crossed as their oxygen ran out and they asphyxiated. I'm not sure of the outcome in that case, hopefully the doctors are in jail. That horrible case was a vivid illustration (and those who aren't familiar with it should read the post) of why Venezuela has had to use the services of thousands of Cuban doctors in order to provide adequate medical care to millions of Venezuelans.

Sadly, that was probably anything but an isolated incident. Today we learn (hat tip to Flanker) that a former government official, Jorge Rodriguez, was denied emergency medical care at a private clinic after a traffic because he was probably thought of by the medical personnel their as being pro-Chavez. That medical care would be denied simply because of politics is so disgusting and so outrageous it's hard to know where to begin. But if the details of this are corroborated a good place to start would be to shutter the private clinic involved and have the licenses of the doctors involved revoked. People who lack basic human decency and compassion shouldn't be practicing medicine.


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