Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's the economy stupid 

This is something I originally mentioned in the comments section but it deserves a post of its own. In an article on rapidly growing consumer sales in Venezuela they had the most reputed pollster in the country (and strong opposition supporter) Luis Vicent Leon of Datanalisis say:

"When we observe the confidence that people have we see that 64% say the economic situation is positive, and 78% say their personal economic situation has improved, and 73% expect next year to be even better, that makes consumption take off"

Those are just amazing numbers. Just simply amazing. Not only is the economy booming but the boom is reaching the overwhelming majority of the population - 78% to be exact. As James Carville would point out you just can't win against those kind of numbers. When people feel good about the present and optomistic about the future you are just not going to beat the politician that is making them feel that way.

Sure enough Chavez is blowing away his rivals as we see from this poll published in todays Ultimas Noticias:

Clearly, we are witnessing a rout. Though I will say this - with 78% of Venezuelans saying their own personal economic situation is getting better Chavez's numbers should be even higher. Note to Chavez - do something about crime.

Anyways, lucky for both Rosales and Rausseo come December 4th they can just go back to their day jobs. And even if they couldn't, with 350,000 new formal sector jobs being created in the past year they could likely find something.


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