Thursday, August 10, 2006

The left pays its way 

Wednesday's Wall Street Journal had this interesting little chart on the trade balances of various Latin American countries:

Difference between exports and imports of goods and services; percentage of total gross domestic product, quarterly frequency

Country Latest Quarter Previous Quarter 2006 Forcast
Mexico -0.06% -2.42% -1.59%
Brazil +3.35% +4.06% +4.22%
Argentina +4.75% +4.94% +3.90%
Venezuela +19.73% +16.12% +15.31%
Colombia -0.39% -0.79% -1.51%
Chile +12.80% +8.61% +9.78%
Peru +4.61% +6.98% +5.66%

Is it just me or does it look like the leftist governments in Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina pay their way by running trade surpluses while the right wing governments in Colombia and Mexico consume more than they produce? Kind of an interesting twist that shows who produces and who doesn't.


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