Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Enough to make you dizzy 

Talking about political parties check out this color filled graphic. This is the first draft of what the December 3rd presidential ballot in Venezuela will look like.

Thinking back to how Floridians were confounded by "butterfly-ballots" imagine if they walked into a voting booth and saw this thing! Looking at this I wonder if Venezuela has more political parties than bloggers.

On a more serious note I think we can rest assured the opposition will be none to happy with this. The party in the most prominent spot - the top left corner of the ballot - is none other than Chavez's MVR party. Immediately following the MVR are the junior partners of the governing coalition.

All the opposition parties are located in the middle and bottom part of the ballot.

An example of the electoral authorities favoring Chavez you think? Well, not really. According to Venezuelan electoral law the positioning of parties on the ballot is done in accordance with their vote totals in the last elections. Seeing as the MVR got the most votes in the last election they get the most valuable peice of real estate on the ballot. The opposition's stupid idea of boycotting the elections bites them in the behind yet again.


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