Saturday, October 21, 2006

The things people say when they think no-one is listening 

As if things weren't bad enough for Rosales he had to go and reveal his contempt for most Venezuelans. Of course, he didn't openly do this on Venezuelan TV or at a rally in Venezuela. Rather he did it while he thought he was talking amongst friends - that is while speaking on a Miami TV program that is aimed at right wing Cuban exiles. Below is a translation of what he said when responding to the commentators question about his chances of winning the election:

I am going to analyze things in three dimensions. First, the country is divided in the following way according to the statistics, the studies of public opinion and the polls carried out scientifically. There is a 30% more or less, or 33%, of the populations that are what is called "Chavesismo" or "officialista" that are in reality parasites that are living off the government and that are subsidized by the government. Then we have 25% that are the opposition and the rest that are people who go from one side to the other and that are definitely the people who will decide the election.

Now given what an inflammatory and incredibly insulting statement this it may be hard to believe he said it. Well here is the interview in its entirety which leaves no doubt that he really did say that the people supporting Chavez and benefiting from his social programs are parasites. It is at the six minute mark:

Now, does it really surprise me that he THINKS most Venezuelans (and lets be clear, the people who support Chavez and benefit from his social programs are not 33% percent of the population, they are more than half) are parasites? No it doesn't. As I said before, I think all his campaign promises are lies intended to win votes but that will be forgotten very quickly after the election.

But having said that, I never thought he was so STUPID as to say it publically. I am sure this incredibally insensitive and hostile statement will be quickly worked into Chavez campaign advertising.

Truthfully, I appreciate his candor and his willingness to say what he really thinks. It should help wake up any Venezuelan's who were seduced by his promises to the reality of his lies. Further, I am a partisan supporter of Chavez and want him to win an overwhelming victory. That has been looking dicey lately but this statement, widely publicized and repeated over and over so that everyone has the chance to hear it, can't help but show millions of Venezuelans why they too should want an overwhelming Chavez victory.


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