Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Anything to get people to vote 

The Venezuelan electoral authorities sure are working overtime to get the Venezuelan elections to be amongst the most "observed" elections in history.

They are also trying a new tact to get the opposition to participate in the elections and stop the crying fraud non-sense. You see during the recall referndum in 2004 both the Carter Center and the Organization of American States oversaw the votes and post election audits and pronounced the results to be authentic with no indication of fraud. Nevertheless, the opposition has been crying fraud ever since.

Then for the legislative elections in 2005 it invited the European Union and the OAS (the opposition considered the EU to be more serious than the Carter Center). Nevertheless, despite the EU observers saying the electoral process was transparent the opposition boycotted the elections.

So now, trying to put an end to this non-sense, the CNE has invited all three groups. The OAS had previously decided to come. Today the European Union signed an agreement to send 130 observers. And the C.N.E. expects by next week to have an agreement for the Carter Center to also come. The C.N.E. has given those groups full lattitude to visit, review, inspect and question any and all aspects of the election.

So it will be interesting to see what the opposition cries about this time

P.D. Actually, I might be able to answer my own question. Apparently Penn & Schoenn are coming back to Venezuela to do exit polls. This is the same group that along with SUMATE released the infamous and bogus exit poll claiming that Chavez lost the recall referendum. Should we make predictions on what their "exit poll" will say this time?


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