Sunday, November 12, 2006

Building bridges 

Of late I have been quite busy and haven't been able to blog as much as I would have liked. Does Chavez have any sympathy? No. The bastard just keeps inaugurating massive new public works projects left and right giving me no chance to keep up.

But in an effort not to fall even further behind let me show at least a little of what Chavez will be opening today - the second bridge over the Orinoco river. So special is the ocassion that Hugo's good friend, Lula, has flown in for the occassion and to note the fact that it was a Brazilian firm that did much of the actual work.

I have more background on the significance of this project previously. So for now lets just appreciate its bueaty in these pictures just prior to its opening:

It really is bueatiful, isn't it. Hopefully they will keep it fully illuminated.

Here are some more construction pictures showing just how massive an undertaking this was. It didn't cost $1.2 billion for nothing.

So while all the opposition blowhards have to offer Venezuelans are pie in the sky promises that will never see the light of day Chavez gives them concrete accomplishments (literally sometimes !) day in and day out. Looking at things that way it is easty to understand why on December 3rd they'll likely indicate they want him around for another six years.


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