Saturday, November 11, 2006

Callling the bluff on the polling numbers poker game. 

There has been a curious little thing going on over the past few weeks. Some of the opposition internet denizens have been running around claiming that Rosales is gaining on Chavez, has caught him in the polls, or at least is getting close to catching him. They have also tried to cast aspersions the polls showing Chavez way ahead.

Soooo, to humor all the opposition types who frequent this blog can any of you provide a link to a poll showing Rosales been essentially even to Chavez or even getting close (hell, I'll take one even showing him getting within ten points)? Three conditions: it has to be a poll by a known polling firm (eg, Datanalisis, Keller, Datos, Sejias, Hinterlaces, Consultores 21, etc) and it has to have been published in a known newspaper (i.e. links to unsubstantiated Noticiero Digital articles don't count), and it has to actually ask people who they would vote for. I think those are pretty straighfoward conditions easily met by any REAL poll.

All the polls I have seen, and blogged on, show Chavez with a clear and consistent lead of between 15 and 20 percentage points. But if our opposition friends can show a poll that says otherwise the comment section is all yours. Put your cards on the table and show us the numbers. We're waiting....


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