Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What the opposition is really after 

The "Gringo in Venezuela" blog has an excellent article today on possible coup plans immediately following the December 3rd elections. I'm the kind of person who at first doesn't take that sort of thing too seriously. Then I watched the video he linked to. All I can say is wow. First, after watching this video of a major Venezuelan journalist accusing the government of fraud, saying they are Nazis, and calling on the military to not recognize the government after December 3rd possibly say there is no freedom of speach in Venezuela. It is so compelling I am going to post it here. WATCH IT TO THE END:

Those of you who speak Spanish - did you catch him giving away what the opposition is really all about? I hope so. He said that the government has $56 billion dollars in liquid money (reserves) and that those in power wouldn't give up access to that money without a fight. Of course, if the people had any interest in stealing that money why would they have put it in reserves in the first place? They could have just stolen it right up front.

Rather, I think it is the opposition and scum like this journalist who are looking at all that money that Chavez's oil policies (which he is getting sued for, see the previous post) brought in and are just salivating. Remember these are the same people who robbed the country blind under the previous governments by looting the banks and ripping off all the other government money they could get their hands on. Now they see this $56 billion and they have to be dying - it is so near, yet soooo far. "If only we could get power for a few months" they most be thinking to themselves.


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