Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chavez in his own words 

I thought Chavez had some interesting comments in his press conference from yestersay. Yes, one of the press conferences that he never gives. And given that we often hear others, especially those in the opposition and foriegn media tell us what Chavez supposedly thinks or is all about I thought it would be an interesting change to put down what he said in his own words. So here is some of what he said:

I want to salute the opposition that is responsible and
serious. And to its leaders that accepted results responsibly, at
last. It was about time that they adopted that attitue which responsible
leaders should adopt".

Regarding dialogue with the opposition: "If if it is in the
Constitution and legal order I am open to it, but outside that I am not. I
will always be open to dialogue but not at the cost of my principles of
supporting and affirming socialism in Venezuela. That is not open for
discussion. I also will not sign any pact with elites. The pact of
Punto Fijo will not return."

"Those who voted for me did not vote for me, they voted for the
socialist project of constructing a profoundly different

"Venezuela will continue enjoying the broadest personal liberties
of political participation, of opinion, of thought, and of

Regarding the opposition - "They are also part of the
fatherland. They want a better country too, of equality, peace and
complete democracy. I ask the help of all in continueing Venezuela on
route to its great destiny"

"The minority is respected, but the minority also should respect
and accept the rules of the game, and not try to alter them through other

It is not possible, in my opinion, that the opposition be included
in the National Assembly. First, because it is impossible constitutionally
and, second, because in politics you pay for your errors and pay for them
hard. They boycotted the elections and they will pay for their


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