Friday, December 01, 2006

Lest we forget, four short years ago 

Even for those who remember it well, the opposition attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government of Hugo Chavez by shutting down the oil industry seems like ages ago. So much has changed that it is hard to believe those events were only four year ago this month. Yet as PDVSA reminds us today, they were:

And how true this ad is "Fours years from sabotage, we have four years of victories.

Indeed, after the Venezuelan opposition finished trashing Venezuela and its economy it would have been impossible to imagine that in only a few years Venezuela would have so many impressive new public works, a booming job market, reduced poverty, scores of new social programs called "Missions", and newfound hope and optomism for the country. And who would have thought the Venezuelan oil industry could have rebuilt itself so completely? Yet it has.

I guess this shows that events are unpredictable and that when things to seem to be at their worst, things often are about to turn turn for the better. There is a lesson here for Chavismo should it win on Sunday - the one thing there should never be any place for in the revolution is complacency.

Complaceny isn't what built PDVSA back up after the opposition tried to burn it to the ground - hard work is. And hard work that took oil, which previously only benefited the few, and turned it into something from which the whole country reaps big benefits. Come December 4th, there will be nothing but more hard work waiting for Venezuelans. But if the past four years is any indication, they are up for the task.


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