Sunday, December 10, 2006

Out front, and pulling away 

Chavez has now faced the Venezuelan electorate four times. Each time he has emerged victorious, which is quite a record. But that is not even the most impressive part of this. What is even more amazing is that his vote total has gone up each time, and the amount by which his votes exceed his rivals has tripled. Courtesy OkrimOpina we get the hard numbers:

This first graph shows the relatively small margin he won his initial victory by. Then he was elected again when all offices had to be re-ligitimized after the new constitution was written. But by 2004 when he faced a recall referendum his support had grown dramitically and by the time of this past Sunday's vote it increased still more.

Of course, the oppositions numbers have increased some too, but by a much smaller margin. This becomes apparent looking at this chart which shows Chavez's margin of victory which was initially one million votes and has now increased to three million votes.

Clearly, the more Venezuelans get to see of Chavez, the more they like him. And when you look at all his accomplishments over the past eight years, who can blame them?


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