Sunday, December 17, 2006

Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela 

Yesterday Chavez announced the creation of a single party for the forces of "Chavismo". Here is a video of the speech:

It is far to long to translate but here are some key points that he made:

The key task before Venezuela is creating socialism. But there is no existing model for this socialism and no plan to guide its creation. So it will be constructed as they go along and it will be built from the bottom up, not from the top down. Also, it will be made by Venezuelans in accordance with the condition in Venezuela.

As socialism is a long term project the more immediate task is creating a single political party not the current lettered soup of parties. Parties that do not want to participate in the formation of this new party are completely free to go their own way. But they will have to leave the government. The seven million votes were not votes for individual parties, they were votes for Chavez.

There were 32,000 electoral workers in the campaign for the December 3rd vote. They will be the basis of the new party.

The name of the new party is the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. The name is not yet a definitive one.

It will be interesting to see where this all goes. But I can tell you there will be at least one very happy group of people - the National Electoral Council, or CNE. Look at all the pro-Chavez parties they had to put on the ballots:

There were 24 pro-Chavez parties on the ballot in the recent election. That is simply absurd. Now there will be one, with maybe a few more that decide not to merge and continue along on their own but still remain pro-Chavez.

And of course, the opposition can continue with its absurd 64 parties. Actually, their number of parties seems to be growing much more rapidly than their number of supporters. If that keeps up they may wind up with more parties than supporters. But given that they can't win an election to save their lives I doubt that anyone cares, except the poor CNE workers who have to put all their stupid little symbols on the ballot.


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