Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A red Christmas 

Christmas in Caracas was indeed red this year. But not red as in the "roja, rojita" kind made famous by its oil minister.

Rather it is the red of blood. On Christmas eve (when Venezuelans actually celebrate Christmas) 60 people were murdered in greater Caracas (34 in Caracas, 15 in Valles del Tuy, 4 in Vargas, 4 in Guarensa-Guartire and 3 in Altos Mirandinos).

How long this blood bath is going to be allowed to keep going is anyones guess. A little while ago Chavez got upset with Jessie Chacon, Venezuela's top crime fighter, for some problems with protocal at a diplomatic event. Too bad he doesn't seem to get as upset at the guy not doing his real job, fighting crime.


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