Sunday, December 03, 2006

The vote 

Finally the day has arrive and as you can see the lines to vote formed in the pre-dawn hours.

I'll update this post throughout the day as events warrent. Please feel free to ad information in the comments section. The only thing I ask is that you not bite at every rumor. There will be LOTS of them and virtually all will turn out to be unfounded.


Line to vote in Merida

In Carabobo

Can you imagine you average gringo in the U.S. putting up with these lines? You have to give credit to the Venezuelan voters who stay to vote - in a lot of places people would just get off the line and go home.


Well this can't be good for the opposition:

This Altamira Plaza is in the wealthiest area of Venezuela and is the opposition's main stronghold. So when the Chavistas are celebrating there it may not be the fat lady singing - but it sure is here warming up to sing. Looks like the lights are about to go out on the Venezuelan opposition. As my grandfather would have said - "no great loss for humanity".


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