Sunday, January 14, 2007

RCTV hasta 2027!! 

Courtesy of the Lubrio blog I found this very insightful commentary on the RCTV. It doesn't pretend to be a full analysis of the situation. But it does point up the fact that all too many people are so used to the current state of things in the world that they don't even think through the logic of what they are saying. This is something we will most definitely need to keep in mind when we do our analysis of what is happening with RCTV. From Okrim Opina:

RCTV until 2027

When constitutional reform to approve indefinite reelection is discussed, many raise their hands to their head. Totalitarianism!! Dictatorship!! Rrrregime!! The curious thing is that this reform, which right now is only a proposal, would have to be approved in a referendum, along with all others that were desired in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It would be Venezuelans themselves that would decide if Chavez continued or not after 2013, 2019,or 2021 or whatever.

Yet those who criticize this measure in the name of Democracy, Freedom of Expression, Human Rights and an long list of other beautiful concepts that should be defended, but some only know them as a weapon against this government, argue that RCTV’s concession should be renewed by decree – given by the state – for 20 more years. RCTV until 2027!!

Chavez until 2021 is a dictatorship (although it is by voting).
RCTV until 2027 is democracy (in spite of no-one voting on it).

Because they don’t say “lets vote”, or “lets discuss how to share the electromagnetic spectrum”, no (in fact, that is precisely what those of us who support this process are proposing). They say: “you have to renew it, and if you don’t renew then that is a dictatorship.”

They see as totalitarian that a leader elected by the majority of Venezuelans could suggest staying in his position until 2021 or more if such is decided by a vote, but they consider not renewing automatically until 2027 a concession – that just like the presidency is part of the State – for which no Venezuelan has voted or discussed democratically, is a blow to liberty.

Does this make sense?

Does that make sense? Indeed it doesn't. How to devise a system that makes sense is precisely what needs to be discussed.


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