Saturday, February 10, 2007

From the Pacto de Punto Fijo to the Coup of February 4th, 1992 

The Lubrio blog was kind enough to put up a copy of a very interesting show on Venezuelan state television giving some of the history of leading up to the coup attempt of February 4th, 1992 which is what gave Chavez his initial fame.

It is in Spanish and there is no way to translate it all. So apologies in advance to those who don't speak spanish. Hopefully, at some point some of these documentaries will be sub-titled at least in english and other languages.

Nevertheless, even if you can only understand parts of it this is really quite interesting. The rioting in 1989 that was put down with brutal force (shoot to kill orders were given to the military) is shown extensively. One very interesting scene is of then president Carlos Andres Perez stating that the rioting is proof of Venezuela being a democracy because in a dictatorship they all would have been shot dead!

The second video gives some of the video history of the 1992 coup attempt. It is particularly fun to watch, with a great sense of irony, officials from that time come out and condemn that coup as a breech of democratic norms only to have this documentary show them living it up in Miraflores during the 2002 coup against Chavez.


Part One

Part Two


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