Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hearts and minds 

As you know I don't post much on it because there are lots of blogs and web-sites that cover it much better than I could hope to do. But yesterday there were two items that caught my attention.

The first is a picture from the New York Times:

Wow, looks like sectarian violence is devestating that place, doesn't it. Not quite.

The picture is of Ramadi, the almost entirely Sunni city west of Baghdad. So this is not Shi'ite fighting Sunni. This is what happens to a city trying to resist U.S. occupation. Looks almost as bad as southern Beriut did last summer when the Israelis got through with it. I guess great countries like the U.S. and Israel think and act alike.

The next item is a video of how the U.S. meets out "justice" in its new vassal state:

I'm sure those tankers would consider on the spot destruction of their property fair punishments if they got caught stealing a candy bar out of a Seven Eleven back home.

And then they don't have a clue why they aren't very popular in Iraq!


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