Friday, February 16, 2007

Lets get to the real problem 

To listen to some people one would think there is a crisis with regard to food in Venezuela. Prices are up, food is scarce, store shelves are empty... Venezuela must be on the verge of becoming the next Ethiopia or Bangladesh, or so they say. Some silly bloggers make fancy Power Point presentations purporting to show how meat processesing businesses just can't make ends meet (no pun intended) in Venezuela (Interestingly, in a post whose veracity hinges on the actual numbers they use numbers they just picked out of the air - and some wonder why they got rid of their comment section!).

Of course, where the opposition sees nothing but dark clouds the reality is the sky is quite blue. Today the Venezuelan Food Industry Chamber pointed out that consumption of food actually ROSE in Venezuela 9.2% last year. That is right, all the non-sense about "shortages" notwithstanding, Venezuelans are eating a lot more food these days. So much for THAT crises.

Well actually there is a crisis. Just not the one the opposition talks about. The REAL crisis is that with food consumption way up and automobiles selling like never before Venezuelans are rapidly turning into overfed, under-exercised pre-diabetic flabby blobs just like the people in the good old U.S.A. It is hard not to notice this when traveling around Venezuela.

In Barquisimeto not that long ago I was talking to a bus driver. He stated that 6 or 7 years ago his bus comfortably held 50 people. Now only about 40 of the little piglets Venezuelans have become can actually be squeezed onto the bus he said. Pretty compelling evidence, I think.

Worse still, Venezuelan womenhood, once famed for its anorexic bueaty, is being destroyed. In the old days Venzeuelan women won international competitions with regularity. Can it be a mere coincidence that since Chavez came to power and started boosting car sales and food consumption no Venezuelan has won a Miss Universe title? I think not.

Rumor has it red meat and sugar is being hoarded by some. I know maybe I'm not supposed to admit this, but I'm rooting for the hoarders. Thank god there are some brave people out their willing to do what they can do put an end to the compulsive overeating by Venezuelans!!


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