Sunday, March 18, 2007

The opposite side of the oil boom coin 

If you have the right government, such as Venezuela, the current oil boom can do great things for your country.

However, an oil boom is no guarentee of anything. Witness, the fate of the U.S. puppet regime in Iraq. In spite of huge oil revenues plus tens of billions from their puppet masters in in Washington they have done little to improve the lives of Iraqis. Witness some of the statistics presented in the New York Times today:

Lets see, monthly civilian deaths doubled in three years, household fuel supplies down, electricity production down (remember, in Venezuela it has increased 40% over the same period!), a third of the workforce unemployed, GDP growing an anemic 4%, and double digit inflation. Sure doesn't look like things are getting better for your average Iraqi. [Of course, there is some cause for optomism as the insurgents are getting better at killing U.S. troops and shooting down helicopters but that is in spite of what the puppet government does, not because of it]

Here is some more data:

Note how electric production has stayed flat over the past 4 years. The level of ineptness is simply amazing. Also, note more than 12% of the population are refugees, either internal and external. In fact with 1.5 million Iraqis fleeing the country it as if the entire city of Valencia packed up and left Venezuela.

Lastly, note that in spite of all the propoganda there are FAR more attacks against U.S. troops than there are against civilians. Clearly, Iraqis want the U.S. out of their country. Given how poorly the puppet government has faired at bringing any sort of improvement to their lives I am not surprised.

Hopefully some day soon Iraqis will be free of foriegn occupation and be able to choose a government that cares about bettering their lives more than supporting ethnic cleansing.


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