Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You know they have money to burn when they waste it on this non-sense 

Such is the quantity of money that the Venezuelan government has that they have decided to host some silly little soccer tournament. In order to be good hosts they have decided to build and/or renovate soccer stadiums throughout Venezuela.

It seems to me they are overdoing it. Some of these stadiums can hold 50,000 or 60,000 spectators. Are there that many people who would even want to see a soccer game? Personally I'd rather suffer through golf, or table tennis, or bowling or even baseball before getting so desperate as to watch a soccer game.

Anyways, they are racing to complete these stadiums in time for the tournament. Here is just one - a completely rebuilt statium in eastern Venezuela:

I thought this was an interesting picture of the big trusses being lifted into place:

All this for some non-sense that barely qualifies as a sport.

As an aside, I noticed during the soccer tournament last summer (sorry I can't remember what it was called at the moment) the opposition went ga-ga over soccer. A number oppososition bloggers even stopped their political drivel long enough to post drivel about soccer.

After having watched a couple of soccer games I think I have figured out why the Venezuelan opposition relates to it so much. The main point of soccer seems to be to flop on the ground, roll around and scream as if you are in pain, and hope someone will do you the great favor of calling a penalty on the other team. All the while you are in reality perfectly fine.

Well, isn't that just what the Venezuelan opposition does? They go on TV or the internet, complain about the whole place falling apart, pretend they are suffering through unbearable agony under Chavez, and hope someone from up north will maybe take pity and come to their rescue. In reality of course they haven't had things so good in decades.

So the whiners relate to the whiney little sport soccer is. Makes perfect sense to me.


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