Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hummers in Venezuela - brought to you not by General Motors, but by RCTV 

People who follow the Venezuelan political scene attentively have probably noticed Hummers popping up all over Venezuela recently. Not real Hummers actually in Venezuela of course - I personally have never seen one there.

But Hummers are all over the news about Venezuela. From the New York Times, to the Associated Press, to even commentors on this blog Hummers are now associated with Venezuela and more specifically with government officials.

How did this come to pass if Hummers in Venezuela are few and far between? Simple, RCTV made it all up.

Never mind what reality is, never mind whether there are any Hummers in Venezuela are not - if RCTV excels at nothing else it excels at creating an alternate reality even if they have to lie through there teeth to do it.

Lets have a first hand look at where all the non-sense about rich government officials owning Hummers comes from:

I realize not everyone understands spanish so let me give a basic explanation of what happens in the video. And RCTV gossip/news/commedy show purports to show long rows of Hummers in the main military garrison of Caracas - Fort Tiuna. And indeed the host does have a picture of lots of Hummers with a big sign in the background that say "Fuerte Tiuna". She goes on to paint this as massive government corruption, hypocracy, and asks sarcastically if this is an example of "21st Century Socialism". Sure does look damning, doesn't it?

Of course, being RCTV things turn out to not exactly be what they appear to be. As the video later shows the picture is actually of Hummers in a parking lot in California and it has been taken from a blog on Alan Greenspan no less! They simply manipulated it in something like Photoshop to add the "Fuerte Tiuna" sign and there you go - evidence of Chavez government corruption ready to be broadcast over the public airwaves to millions of Venezuleans.

Gosh, and some people complained about Dan Rather getting the type font wrong on what turned out to be bogus letters. But hey, at least Rather resigned. RCTV sees nothing wrong in all this, for them it is business as usual. Anything and everything goes in their efforts to get Chavez out.

Oh, and the pictures on the blog - yup it really is there. Have a look.


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