Friday, April 06, 2007

Rolling along 

Seems that some people just can't get enough of pictures of the new bridge being built between Caracas and the coast. Thruth be told, I can't either. Interestingly enough, the bridge is probably the one bit of work that is taking place right now. All of Venezuela has shut down for the holidays with even most newspapers not being published. However, the work on the bridge is proceding 24/7 all through the holidays.

By April 15th the metal lattice of the bridge which we've watched gradually creeping across the support pillors should reach its final resting place on the Caracas side of the bridge thereby completing the span.

Here is a picture of what is currently looks like:

What I like about this picture is you can actually make out the steel rollers under the metal lattice that allow it to be rolled out over the pillors. Once it has been fully completed and reaches the Caracas side those rollers will be removed and the lattice bolted to the pillors. Then the concrete blocks that will serve as the base of the roadway will be put in place one by one.

Should be fun to watch so stay tuned!


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