Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wasn't there supposed to be a "war against terrorism" or something? 

Statements by U.S. political leaders such that there is a "war against terrorism" or we are "fighting to spread democracy" should always be taken for what they are - complete BS that primarily serve as justification for the U.S. to do what it pleases.

They say they invaded Iraq in part to bring democracy to it - funny, if they wanted to help the spread the democracy maybe they could have just stopped giving billions of dollars to the dictatorship that rules Egypt. They also claimed that they invaded to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction. Yet when a dictator they favor, in Pakistan, gets them they don't seem too concerned.

As for the "war on terrorism" that they used as a pretext to invade Afghanistan and overthrow its government doesn't seem as if there really is much of any war. Just today they let an alledged terrorist in their custody walk right out of jail:

CBS4) MIAMI An anti-Castro Cuban militant is on his way back to Miami to await trial on immigration fraud charges.

Luis Posada Carriles was released Thursday from a jail in New Mexico after posting a $250 thousand bond.

The former CIA operative, who admitted to entering the country illegally from Mexico two years ago, was indicted on charges of lying to immigration authorities while trying to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. Federal prosecutors had fought to keep Posada jailed until his trial, but an appeals court in New Orleans rejected their plea.

The 79-year old Posada is wanted in Cuba in connection with the 1976 bombing of a Cuban jetliner that killed 73 people, a charge Posada denies.

Posada was arrested in Venezuela a few days after the bombing and escaped from prison there in 1985 before a civilian trial in the case was completed.

In May 2005, he was picked up in Miami for entering the U.S. illegally from Mexico. During a hearing on the matter, an immigration judge ruled that he cannot be sent to Cuba or Venezuela, citing fears that he would be tortured.

Posada, who trained with the CIA for the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, served in the U.S. Army in the early 1960s. In 1965, he allegedly plotted to overthrow the Guatemalan government and blow up a Soviet or Cuban freighter in Mexico. Two years later, according to the FBI, he moved to Venezuela and wound up running its counterintelligence agency until he set up his own security firm in the mid-1970s.

In 1973, Posada was investigated by the CIA for allegedly smuggling cocaine, but was later cleared.

In South Florida, Posada is hailed as a hero by many in the Cuban exile community for his efforts to rid Cuba of the communist regime, but others blame him of being a terrorist.

Interestingly they neglect to mention that it was Venezuela that actually requested extradition and the U.S. turned it down. Anyways, when the Taliban refused to immediately give in to U.S. demands to turn over Bin Laden the U.S. promptly started bombing the place. I guess its lucky for the U.S. Venezuela doesn't have any cruise missiles.


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