Sunday, May 27, 2007

Countdown to RCTV going cable only 

T - 2:06 for RCTV to stop broadcasting over public property, frankly the situation is a bit more tense than what I thought, so much so that I hope the cadena starts soon so that some order can be restored.

A few hours ago an initially peaceful demonstration turned violent when the opposition started throwing bricks and bottles at police, they answered back with water cannons and the opposition countered with live bullets. 4 policemen are in the hospital. What was shocking is that they allowed the opposition to regroup in the same place only for them to start shooting again (I saw live footage of them shooting). The march was then finally dispersed for the day.

Sure a violent protest is not something that uncommon, but what happened next just reinforced what I despise about right-wing propaganda:

A Brigadier General from the National Guard was briefing the media he showed them a lampost with bullet hits comming from the general direction of the opposition. The media then stated that they heard no gunshots. To which the General astonishingly asked if they were deaf. The camera then proceded to pan the bullet hits which it zoomed and it was painfully obvious to both the camera and the viewer that it was what he claimed. But then near the end they claimed again that they saw nothing. There is no such thing as a "media" in Venezuela (maybe even the world), they are either government run, corporatist run, or frivolously run.


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