Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Buying votes the old fashioned way... 

As we saw some time ago the poor in Venezuela have done quite well under Chavez. Last year alone their REAL income was up 27% and since 2003 it is up 130%. Simply staggering numbers that represent an extremely impressive improvement in peoples lives.

Today we get news that everyone in general seems to be doing well. According to the I.N.E. the average income across the board in Venezuela last year was up 34.7%. In real terms that would be an increase of 15%. Makes perfect sense, the poor have fared much better than most people under Chavez - but most everyone has done ok

Kind of interesting how the official statistics jive with what private firms like AC Nielsen showing that real income, after inflation, is WAY up. So maybe the government numbers aren't all made up. Maybe Venezuelans really are living much better. And maybe that explains why they seem to like this Chavez character.

Just a theory.


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