Sunday, June 17, 2007

Again, an open microphone but nothing to say. 

Despite their favorite coup mongering and soft porn TV station no longer broadcasting over the airwaves the Venezuelan opposition still has freedom of expression and the ability to make themselves heard - on the rare occasion where they actually have something to say:

In this advertisement published in Venezuela's largest circulation newspaper today Primero Justicia, an opposition political party, points out the irony of the governments new political slogan - Fatherland, Socialism or Death - by pointing out that an aweful lot of Venezuelans are getting death already.

Out of control crime was one of the few issues with which the opposition found some resonance during last years presidential camaign. Probably because crime in Venezuela truly is out of control. So it should be no surprise they return to that issue in their current propoganda offensive.

Thing is, while they rightly point out that the government is doing nothing about it, what do they propose? According to the ad they propose "Mission Life" without saying what that would be. In other words, in one of the few instances where the opposition can accurately diagnose one of the failures of the Chavez government they again have nothing to propose as an alternative.

Clearly, the opposition doesn't offer Venezuela an alternative to Chavismo because they can't come up with any concrete actions or policies of their own. Rather they simply come across as a bunch of people desperate to regain the power and privalege they once had. And that is probably what they are.

Too bad for Venezuela - because while niether the government nor the opposition seems to have any idea how to solve some very basic problems thousands of Venezuelans are dying.


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