Thursday, June 21, 2007

Look what a nice bridge the Martians built. 

As we know from the video in the previous post Venezuelans are lazy, don't want to work, spend lots of time drinking and partying, and use what little time they have left over to beat their wives. Needless to say, they are completely incapable of working around the clock for months on end to build a new bridge between the coast and Caracas.

Fortunately for them, they didn't have to lift a finger. The Venezuelan government may have paid for it but the Martians that were beamed down from outerspace each night did all the work.

Regardless, the new bridge was inaugurated today and it sure is something to behold:

Please note, they even built in roadway reflectors to make the lanes easier to see during nighttime driving. A very nice touch by the little green men - Venezuelans would never have thought to do that.

And to think just a short time ago it looked like this:

Gosh those Martians work fast. If the lazy Venezuelans had tried to build it themselves I bet it would have taken decades finish.


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