Thursday, June 07, 2007

Never let sifrinos do the talking for you 

So today is a big day for plurality of sorts, the opposition student movement got their shot at speaking at the National Assembly for the entire country to see. Both sides (5 students each) of the student isle were given equal time at the main podium to present their points of view. What was their reaction? to storm out of the building like silly sifrinos that they are. Could not stand that their ideas were being challenged by their peers so they had a hissy fit.

Well no matter, the spoiled nature of Goicochea will only drive them deeper into irrelevance. (but don't tell a certain Caracas weblogger that... apperantly this is the generation that will lead Venezuela in the future... sigh)

Here is a transcript in spanish:Link

After the first speakers of both sides presented their points of view, Goicochea spoke for a minute and the opposition left.

It seems they planned it all along:Link

Second Update:
Globovision took down the article, more evidence of their deceitfulness.

Third update (by OW): Here is the video:

Pretty amazing what a platform the students were given with this speach broadcast to the entire country. Can you imagine anyone opposed to the U.S. government - say Cindy Sheehan - being given the oppertunity to speak like this before the entire U.S. congress and country? That will be the day.

Of course, after this I'm sure these people will be on the street claiming there is no freedom of speach in Venezuela. Lacking for irony they are not.


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