Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pro-government protests getting under way 

In Venezuela there are two types of marches: the mega and the mundane. Today the first Mega march of the RCTV case is under way and the government fired the first salvo. They will all converge on the Avenida Bolivar. As of right now only VTV is covering it and needless to say Globovision, Televen, Venevision, RCTV or even TVes is nowhere to be found... Granted it only started an hour ago but we can expect more of the same ignoring it until the evening news.

Globovision is only reporting the chavistas protesting outside their headquarters.

Will keep updated




3:00 They filled the Bolivar Avenue (well not all the way ;))

4:30 Interesting, from Globvision shows the particular bias of both networks, Globo on the left sider shows more empty than full, VTV on the right shows a more flattering angle, there are still other people at Plaza Venezuela so it might fill up eventually


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