Monday, June 04, 2007

Return of the moonbats 

Readers of the comments section may recall a couple of days ago I mentioned a rather commical appearence by Maria Conchita Alonso (a Cuban, Venezuelan, U.S. actress) on the U.S. Fox network. Fox, quite proud of the stupidity they broadcast, actually put the transcript of it on the internet here.

Of course, regular run of the mill idiocy is hardly worth posting on. After all exchanges like this:

ALONSO: The economy has gone down. There are more — more deaths than ever in Venezuela. You know, he owns 65 percent of the media of Venezuela.

HANNITY: Now he owns it all!

are so common even BoRev.net can't keep up with them all. [Note: Out of three facts presented in that exchange they got two of them wrong. I wonder if an editor was fired for letting something that WAS accurate slip by? After all Fox does have a reputation to uphold]

No what made this discussion between fools interesting was this almost very revealing exchange:

COLMES: As we all know the hallmark of a democracy is a free press, and this is the worst thing you can do in a government that was elected. — He got 60 percent of the vote. People question the veracity of the election, but nevertheless, he was democratically elected.

So the question is can he retain power if he continues this kind of action?

ALONSO: We go again with you! He was not democratically elected .

COLMES: He was elected — there was a democratic election. There were observers. There were 700 observers.

ALONSO: Oh, please, yes, right! Listen, when — when Rosales , who was the candidate of the opposition — I was there in Caracas in October. And I was going with Rosales. I was talking against Chavez and pro-Rosales.

Then I found out certain things. We don't have to time now to talk about that — that's for another program — about Rosales and about how this was just to let the world believe that it was democracy. And I just figured...



Hannity you idiot, what did you interupt her for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was just about to get to the good part - you know, where she would explain to us all that Rosales was nothing but a Chavez dupe, probably PAID by Chavez to run, just to make it look like there was a real election. That explains why Rosales so quickly conceded even though everyone, even dimwits like GWEH, know that he really got more votes than Chavez. And if Hannity hadn't cut her off I bet she would have told us how that commie Petkoff was in on it too.

So please, everyone, call up Fox news and tell them you want them to bring Maria back, immediately!! I don't know, but I am dying to find out what those "certain things" she found out are.


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