Monday, June 18, 2007

While others talk, Chavez builds 

With all the hot air coming from debating students and talking heads that don't know how to shut up one would think not much else is happening in Venezuela.

To the contrary - the current Venezuelan government is continueing to work fast and furious on numerous public works. In the past two days two more of them have been inaugurated.

The first was a new phase of the TermoZulia plant in the state of Zulia:

This was an existing electric generating plant. What was just added was new turbines that don't use any new fuel at all but rather use steam that was not previously fully utilized. By fully utilizing this existing steam the plant generates 170 more Megawatts without using any additional fossil fuels. Another very nice green inovation by the Venezuelan government.

Next, the Venezuelan government put on line the first phase of the Trolley Merida.

This electric rapid transit system is a welcome and needed addition to Merida's public transit system. The first phase is 10.4 kilometers long and has 15 stations (more on Venezuelan trolly systems can be found here.

And this isn't the end of it - tomorrow comes a very nice, and long awaited, public work goes into service. Stay tuned...


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