Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Who's counting? 

Over the past few months we've heard all sorts of non-sense about supposed "shortages" of food in Venezuela. Of course, as we've seen before these "shortages" don't reflect lower levels of consumption, which is what most people would assume, but rather result from demand increasing so much production can't keep up.

That is why we've also heard that food consumption in Venezuela has been up anywhere between 10% and 18%.

Turns out that those numbers may be a tad on the low side though for today we hear in Ultimas Noticias that food consumption is up 19% over last year.

Of course, some are skeptical of these government statistics. Thing is, they don't come from the government, they come from someone named Lorenzo Mendoza. Who is he? Oh, just the president of Venezuela's largest food and beverage company, Polar, which just also happens to have a very rocky relationship with the government.

Despite all the oppositions non-sense about Venezuela's economy being in trouble the people who actually are right in the middle of that economy can't help but notice that it is in fact booming. As the saying goes, you can't cover the sun with a finger. And right now the booming standard of living of average Venezuelan's is not something that is going to be easily hidden by a finger or anything else for that matter.


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