Monday, July 02, 2007

GLBT Pride Parade Caracas, Venezuela 

Flanker:While the rest of the world is recoiling against gay rights: with threats of violence in Israel, violence in Russia, and constitutional discrimination in the United States. I would have never imagined that both Cuba and Venezuela (or any latin nation) would be at the forefront of GLBT rights. In Cuba transgender operations are now part of the health system (meaning it is free to all) and they have gay soap operas on state Television (No doubt readdressing the brutal repression of homosexuals in the past).

In Venezuela the Chavez government has shown strong willingness to protect GLBT rights at the constitutional level, something no other government has done anywhere else. And with Manuel Rosales calling gay marrige an "aberration", be prepared for the opposition to play this political football in the up and coming constitutional reform.

Last year's march was well documented by Venezuelaanalysis Here is this year's edition in pictures.

Notice the last one there is a metropolitan mayor's office seal, Barreto has been a strong proponent of GLBT rights. More pictures here here


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