Thursday, July 05, 2007

"Everyone can come up with their own conclusions" 

A few weeks ago the opposition student protest movement culminated in them being invited to speak before the National Assembly and a national television audience.

As is well known, the opposition students spoke briefly, cliaming they were being repressed, and walked out of the Assembly. That left the floor to Bolivarian students who had also been invited to speak.

While there were about a dozen speakers in all there were to that best encapsulated the views of their respective sides. Here are the English sub-titled speeches of those two students - the first by Dougla Barrios, an opposition student and then Hector Rodriguez a Bolivarian student.

Doublas Barrios:

And now Hector Rodriguez:

Hector's speech continued...

As the president of the Assembly said, "everyone can come up with their own conclusions".


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