Saturday, August 04, 2007

All you can eat 

One of the constant opposition propoganda points for months now has been about supposed food shortages. Of course, it turns out those supposed "shortages" are really not much more than a huge increase in food consumption as has been amply documented in this blog.

Yet in Caracas one can go into any restaraunt and ask for any type of food, be it beef, chicken, an omlette or whatever, and have no problem getting it. Apparently these "shortages" are not affecting restaraunts.

And in doing some grocery shopping it would appear they arenĀ“t affecting supermarkets much either. Just for fun I visited one in a fairly middle class area, Las Acacias. What I found was something that wouldn`t look any different if it were in most cities in the U.S:

Plenty of chicken

Plenty of cold cuts and cheese

Plenty of veggies and fruit

ok, here is the "shortage"

The beef section was pretty skimpy - though not non-existant. Must be those pesky "E" people hogging it all up.

And oh yeah, the Special K did seem to be running low too

Like Mark Twains death, these food shortages would appear to be greatly exagerated.


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